[LLM001] Various Artists – LL.M. 001

Eight electronic cuts from House and Techno to Electronica and Ambient. C60 tape only release with special packaging and download-card enclosed. First edition of 100 in stickered black plastic envelope, reissue comes in stickered white cardboard o-card. Curated by Phil Latch, mastered by Zzzzra, artwork by Alex Ketzer, distributed by Noorden.


»The very sophisticated way in which the cassette is presented, its rarity, all this serves a purpose: the form and substance are two indivisible things. Blending together the art of the shape and the replenishment of the matter, this release assumes its position with sleek style and unquestionable taste.« Inverted Audio (Review)

»The first release is a cassette compilation and features some of the best ›soundcloud‹ producers of the moment. Their name might not sound familiar to everyone, but they compose a selection of what could be the near future of electronic music.« Hazil

»The release gathers a cluster of young producers around a conceptual vision of today’s music, constructing an 8 track hybrid of ambient, house and techno that’s on the verge of revealing some exciting new prospects. Amongst those producers, Space Afrika, Gohan and Raw M.T. to name just a few, deliver a solid impression and it makes no doubt that we’ll hear more of them very soon.« Inverted Audio (Feature)

»Straight out of Cologne, this compilation delivers excellent slices of techno and ambient from a whole host of exciting new talent. Quite a raw Detroit-y edge to a lot of these tracks — all highly recommended. Tape only for now but… surely digital/vinyl soon?« Igloo Magazine

»LL.M is a new side label to Cologne based Noorden. It’s first turnout (tape/digital release) focuses on serene dystopian inspired house tracks. Each artist here brings a sense of detached beauty and be-wonderment to the strain. Music for the depths of your mind. These sounds are perhaps best suited to a solo headphone experience. Alone and at the mercy of these emotive tracks, ones consciousness can wonder through time and boundless space.« 316144




Video for Gohan’s track »Retz Conspiracy« directed by Irwin Barbé.

»Shot in black and white, the video shows the wandering of a man in a city at night, running away from an invisible threat, slipping in between confused shapes and dark corners. A visual setting that couldn’t have illustrated Gohan’s cloudy soundscapes any better.« Inverted Audio


There will be a release party in Muenster at FYAL on Thursday 30, 2014 (20 h). More infos at Facebook and Resident Advisor.


Download infosheet (PDF)