[NooLtd12] Suod Ulbeba – Ytumm


If you feel like having a strange B-movie in your head and the suitable soundtrack is missing, you can find it maybe in Suod Ulbeba’s newest tape on Noorden called »Ytumm«. It’s a collection of four tracks that fits perfectly to the mood of 1980’s avant-garde black’n’white road-movies, where the bad ones are always the winners…

»Jasparlamarcrabb« feels like the opening scene where the protagonists are making plans for their coups, »Ytumm« is the perfect track for the fussy seconds before the action starts, »Polygamiefloor« is the operation’s peak and maybe the police is already on the watch. In the end it’s unclear, if the bad guys are still on the loose, but »Somnabul« has a very optimistic vibe, that seems like driving a long road straight to sunset…

– limited tape @ Bandcamp
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– lossless & MP3 @ Bandcamp

– Soundcloud
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– limited black C20 cassette
– edition of 25
– including two-sided b/w A3-print
– wrapped in a rubber band
– packed in a zip-lock-bag