[NooLtd13] Alex Ketzer – Marianne Brandt

Ten experimental-krauty-electronic(a) tracks by Alex Ketzer – most of them recorded at Marianne Brandt’s former studio in the »Prellerhaus« at the Bauhaus in Dessau – plus six clubby’n’dubby remixes by Scherbe, The Marx Trukker, Thome Thomp, Space Afrika, Bool and mary LA. Mixed by Eddy Coupé, mastered by Manes at SALZ Mastering.

PRESS RELEASE (Text by Baptiste Girou)

With its tentacular approach on electronic music as a whole, the album consistently alternates perspectives, shifting scopes and angles in a riveting concert of layers and subtle chords, gently chiming then sinking deep into melancholia, and once again elevating up to higher spheres with fascinating ease […] Possessed, ›Marianne Brandt‹ is as multi-faceted as it keeps re-inventing itself track after track, looking well ahead without forgetting to pay allegiance to its predecessors and influences. By turns incredibly smooth, sometimes lysergic, some others leaning towards a rather steely atmosphere, the album bewitches with its propensity to draw new lines on the horizon while making perpetual motion and constant research its only rules and definite aims. Read full text


»Alex Ketzer also proves a huge musical talent with incoming album ›Marianne Brandt‹ […] The results are a varied and rich interpolation of warm, dusty electronics and emotive melodies — operating somewhere in a twilight world between a bewitched Christian Loffler and earthy Border Community output underpinned by distant dance floor mnemonics.« Andy Gillham, Igloo Magazine

»In a balancing act between Electronica and Ambient, spiced with a pinch of dance affinity and melancholy, Ketzer is assembling exciting tones like in a collage. Therefore he is creating moments full of harmony in which you can dump down. But there are also locations that appear surprising and dissonant and hence serve as a contrast program with a tasty spice. It’s not a full length that will bribe within the first listen, it is rather music that needs time and concentration. But if you admit and open up to it you will be abducted into an experimental, even hypnotizing journey that you won’t forget.» Matthias Dünnwald, sceen.fm (review)

»Ein Album, welches diesen Film suggeriert, bei denen die Sounds mir zeitlos die Geschichte einer Parallelwelt ins Ohr flüstern, ist an musikalischem Anspruch schon ziemlich hoch angesetzt. Sehr schön auch bei einigen reduzierteren Tracks auf diesem Album, wie das ganze Gerüst sich durch das analytische Ohr, suchend nach kategorisierbarer Statik, einen Weg in das verlängerte Ducheinander der Sinne bahnt. Um dort seiner Verabredung nachzugehen, zusammen mit der restlichen Klanglandschaft lebendig weiter Bilder zu malen. Ums kurz zu sagen mir gefällt sehr was ich höre – Fazit: Begeisterung!« Channel B (review)


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Video for »Marianne Brandt« directed by Peter Kunz.

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