[NooLtd15] Ikpathua – Tape Paranoia

Our latest cassette release comes by London based Ikpathua (one half of Dorylus, who have released with Bokhari amongst others). Eight dark’n’moody EBM-/industrial-like tracks between poltergeist-paranoia, straying in haunted houses and dreaming of ghosts’n’goblins.

Artwork by Alex Ketzer, mastered by Manes at SALZ Mastering.


»Over the course of the 8 tracks, Ikpathua completely immerses you in his hazily imagined aural landscape. There are lovely, sparse atmospheres and warm textures but there are also some nice dancefloor moments too. I especially like ›Swamp‹ which kicks off the B-Side. Slow and brooding, we’ve got a solid rhythm with half-heard dubby delays ricocheting off around your head.« Joe Europe, The Ransom Note

»This dubby romp shines like a full moon among the endless harrowing abyss that can be the night sky. ›Dark’n’moody‹ are what Noorden ultimately uses to describe this album filled with intrigue. It’s like Trust/TR/ST, Basic Channel, HEALTH and Yagya combined forces. […] Friday’s a great night to go clubbing, so why not use this to get in the zone?« Cameron Hilliard, Sly Vinyl


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Video for »Shamiga« directed by Moskalus.

Video for »Tape Paranoia« directed by Peter Kunz.

»Presented in a shadowy, ultra-minimalist black-and-white scenario, the video shows a male dancer moving in and out of rhythm along with Tape Paranoia’s delicately balanced ambiance and subtle percussive work. Contorting himself in a blurred-out setting, his movements are intensified by a close-up equally mapped onto his modulations yet drifting out-of-focus in tempo with gloomy, spectral movements. No doubt, Kunz’s elegantly-crafted visuals fit Ikpathua’s graceful soundscapes like a glove.« Baptiste Girou, Inverted Audio

Press release (PDF)