[NooLtd17] Caldera – Stuck In A Dream Of Being Awake

Calderas new album »Stuck In A Dream Of Being Awake« is the kind of soundtrack that you need to listen on your headphones during a walk through the streets of your city. It’s for the day – it’s for the night. A sketch of thoughts and feelings – of voices and sounds that drift away and return. About a blurred line between reality and dream.

Produced by Caldera, mastered by Manes at SALZ Mastering, design by Alex Ketzer.


»›Stuck In A Dream Of Being Awake‹ is a hazy, yet refined trip through the city at night after a fresh rain. This is the kind of city that has steam rising up from manhole covers like an army of ghosts. […] You can hear dub chords interspersed through the seedy drones and loops on deck […]. The cover is a rather nondescript picture of an urban area and the picture looks like it might’ve been taken in the 80s. This album, in a way, is also nondescript from what I can tell – which makes it perfect for you, the listener, to imprint upon. […] Cheers!« Cameron Hilliard, Sly Vinyl



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