[Noo6] Alex Ketzer – „Darkest Night“

Alex Ketzer gives his label-debut with „Darkest Night“ in collaboration with four more artists, that chiped in their very own interpretations of this track.

While the original tune is more deep, laid back and bassy, Jogging House is pumping some funk and shuffle into it. The edit of The Marx Trukker is a pulsating piece that builds itself to an almost industrial like beat and in the cover by Fforet & Ene you can find some deep, dreamy and lovely yearnings that brings a bit more light in the „Darkest Night“. Last but not least Dataline is hashing the stems to a techy blend of digital romance and delivers hereby a nice closing of the EP.

Thanks to Bert Olke at GL-Audio, who did the mastering for this one.

Besides the free digital release, there’s a limited edition of 20 pcs. available that comes with 6 shiny posters and a CD of the EP – all packed together in a numbered zip-lock-bag. Grab your copy at our BANDCAMP-STORE!

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