[SevenTwo] Bool x Alex Ketzer – Raum Zwei

Two late-night-to-early-morning banger between experimental Techno and krauty Trance. Dedicated to beautiful Raum Zwei, Köln-Deutz, 2010–2014.

Artwork by Florian Gassmann, Design by Alex Ketzer, Mastering by Manes @ SALZ, Pressed by R.A.N.D. Muzik.


»Animated by the desire to frame forward-looking techno and sleek electronic material within tailored visual settings, Cologne-based label Noorden has established as a reliable purveyor of deep-rolling, glassy audio-scapes and other introspective journeys. […]
Today, we’re glad to present you the exclusive premiere of Ketzer’s Trance Mix. A track rushing the suspended late-night inertia into a trance-inducing maelstrom of stretchy loops and voltes, of which even an onslaught of hard-knocking percussions could not disquiet the zenithal synth lift. Deep stuff!«
Baptiste Girou, Inverted Audio

»Cologne, Germany-based label Noorden is back with yet another solid release fit for […] ›the late night to early morning‹. These will bump in the whip as you make your way to Berghain. These tracks appear gentle on the surface as the drum machines, field recordings, and synth chords skitter along the pounding sub-bass pulse.« Cameron Hilliard, Sly Vinyl



Limited 7-Inch Vinyl Edition
Edition of 200 copies, five different artwork-inlays, printed on thick transparent paper (Zander T2000, 200 gr/m2), stickered PVC sleeve.