[TwelveOne] The Marx Trukker – Among Climetree Harbors

After a teriffic 2xLP on Pluie/Noir and a rather experimental CD under his moniker MTDD on Greta Cottage Woodpile, The Marx Trukker is back on Noorden with a new 12-inch mini-album. Four extended anthems between krauty electronica, tinkling house, shuffled minimal and IDM-styled breakbeats. Pressed on shiny blue wax in an edition of 200.

Design by Alex Ketzer, photography by Joshua Reid, mastered by SALZ Mastering, lacquer cut by SST Brüggemann, pressed by R.A.N.D. Muzik.


»This latest four tracker sees him delivering some of his most accomplished work to date and I’m all over it like a nappy rash on a Tory peer after a particularly hedonistic weekend down the brothel … This is a high quality EP indeed and you’d be foolish to miss it.« Joe Europe, The Ransom Note

»A scintillating blend of IDM-filtered beats, coated in an inimitably exotic style. ›Among The Climetree Harbors‹ is itself a perfect balance of airy melodies, subtle effects processing and raucous beats; ›Where I Was A Child‹ is less loose, bringing forth a more structured beat and a beautifully melancholic wave of synth tones. On the B-side, you have the sparse chimes and dusty percussion way of ›And My Daddy Was A Polyphonic Prayer‹, and ›I Once Got Up And Then Kept Lying‹, a fluffy little pseudo house number containing more of Trukker’s gentle waves and sonic meditations. Tip!« Juno.co.uk

»›Among Climetree Harbors‹ is a woozy day trip across a tropical island … From what we can hear, the productions don’t even sound like they’re of this time – they feel like a snapshot of twenty years ago. With the elasticity of the synthesizer waves and the shimmering percussion, The Marx Trukker creates an aural representation of the ocean underneath a harsh sunny day.« Cameron Hilliard, Sly Vinyl

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Video for »My Daddy Was A Polyphonic Preacher« directed by Moskalus.

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