[TwelveThree] Dimi & Marx »Ain’t Noise And Noise And Noise«

A krauty piece of electronica-driven dub techno by Dimi & Marx with both stripped-down and pepped-up remixes by Roger23, Ron Wilson and Alex Ketzer.

Original Mix produced by Dimitar Dodovski and The Marx Trukker, Artwork by Burkhard Mönnich, Design by Alex Ketzer, Mastering by Manes @ SALZ, Lacquer Cut by Schnittstelle, Pressed by Pallas.


»All four tracks on this pure white vinyl will bump in the whip and rattle the snow right off your chassis. The unaltered ›Ain’t Noise and Noise and Noise‹ plays multiple positions in the field, pitching dub techno but the batting returns these ambient soundscapes that erratically rise from the depths of the production. Alex Ketzer’s take on the track emphasizes these erratic elements, but the beginning can be thought of as a ›false start‹ giving the impression that this will be just be spaced out dub a la, say, Moritz von Oswald or Deadbeat. Roger 23’s take makes the track an odyssey, going from maximal to minimal and Ron Wilson’s take goes back to the past.« Cameron Hilliard, Sly Vinyl



Edition of 300 copies, white colored vinyl in thick PVC cover, thick black/white printed cardboard-inlay (297 x 297 mm)